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Solar  Direct Drive

EMPO-NI’s family of Solar Direct Drives "SDD" are passively cooled robust "stand alone" PV-solar powered motor drive solutions with Maximum Power Point Tracking and IP54(65) protection degree. They provide a rapidly paying-off substitute for Diesel or propane gas-powered pumping solutions.

Typically the SDDs are used in systems for sprinkling, drip irrigation or Pivot solar drive systems as well as for ventilation and also for flour and oil mill systems and water purification applications.
The Solar Direct Drives are operated from a single PV-array and drive 3-phase induction motors with 110V, 230V or 400V phase to phase voltage up to 5.5kW with 50Hz or 60Hz.

Pump sets are available.

Our IP54 protected models "SDD1.5kW-425V" for 3-phase motor loads of up to 1.5kW and the "SDD5.5kW-850V" for 3-phase motor loads of up to 5.5kW cover most applications up to 45°C ambient temperature.

A remote monitoring system based on an integrated GSM modem is optionally available for the SDD5.5kW-850V model.

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