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 We supply the solutions for your off-grid needs


Solar Direct Drives


SOLmini PV module integrated battery charger


CO2 Sensor Air Agent on-grid


SDD Low Cost Kit


Irrigation Kit with Sprinkler


SDD off-grid oil press Set 1.1.kW

SOLmini Golf


SDD Desalination Plant


SDD modular pivot irrigation


About us

EMPO-NI off-grid solutions was founded in 2008 and is specialized in development and production of PV-powered MPP controlled solar equipment and entire systems for off-grid applications strictly MADE IN GERMANY.

The headquarter is located in the capital of North- Rhine Westphalia equipped with an excellent infrastructure and is well connected with local and international high-tech companies and universities.

EMPO-NI is extending its range of PV-solar powered, battery less motor drive solutions for productive use and highly robust battery charging equipment.

EMPO-NI develops standard and customized off-grid solutions. Our experienced engineering team has large expertise in power electronics, control techniques, DSP FPGA and software engineering as well as analogue and digital circuitry using latest CAD, simulation and rapid prototyping toolchains. Time-to-Market, reliability of products and a strong focus on customer centric operations form our DNA and create our customer’s satisfaction through our delivered products.

EMPO-NI’s award winning solutions like the first solely PV-powered Solar oil press open new CO2 neutral opportunities to fight poverty by reduction of post-harvest losses and creates local value chains and business models that unprecedentedly return their investment within a year.


A good example how a complex control challenge of a battery less system with a motor drive and precise digital heater temperature control along with a pressing process control has been achieved at full MPP operation.

Talk to our experts for more details, model sizing and how for example our Pay-As-You-Go and GSM based remote control and monitoring solutions can enhance your business.

Our IP54 protected family of Solar Direct Drives („SDD“) drive all kinds of 3-phase induction motors up to 5,5kW. We have developed a wide range of submersible pump solutions based on our outdoor proven SDDs and offer them as a „kit“ SDD + pump, of course in industrial-grade stainless steel quality of leading manufacturers and optimized hydraulic systems from 15m to 400m pump head and 0,37kW to 5,5kW of power.

Focussing on productive use our PV-powered highly robust MPPT PV- Solar Direct Drive kits comprise highly efficient IEC standard industrial flange or stand foot motors. These PV-solar Drive kits easily replace existing motors in all kind of standard applications like grinders, compressors, hammer mills, blowers, milk machines, pelletizers etc. and make these PV-off-grid using a minimum of PV-panels only.

Consider our Pay-As-You-Go and GSM based remote control and monitoring solutions can enhance your business with those unique kit solutions.

We are continuously further developing solutions especially for cooling applications like ice machines and solutions for cold storage containers, all MPP controlled, highly efficient and robust, without the need for batteries.

Our family of PV-panels with integrated battery charge controller from 8V up to 60V „SOLmini“ are the most versatile and customized product that has proven a 100.000 times its robustness and reliability from the North pole in weather observation stations to golf carts in Abu Dhabi or home supplies the mountans. We are working to extend more EV or light propulsion solutions.



EMPO-NI has been specialized in the development and production of solar technology for OFF-GRID applications for years.

We create solar solutions ENGINEERED and MADE IN GERMANY.

EMPO-NI develops equipment for standard off-grid applications as well as custom requirements.


Our engineering team creates mathematical models, programs microcontrollers and develops digital, analogue and power electronics circuits.

Finding a tailor made solution for you and your specific needs and realizing innovative circuit designs with high reliability cost efficiently is most important to us and our every day's motivation.



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Solutions & Support

Solutions & Support

Customer specific developments

Our research and development team has dedicated expertise in industrial power electronic and µ-controller application design. Let us talk about your specific requirements and develop, adapt and customize electronic solutions for your needs.

engineering support
Application engineering support

Your application does not work like expected? We do not leave you alone. Benefit from our application engineering support. Our team's expertise helps you beyond the scope of the delivery of our own product.

System integration

Systems often require solutions that provide better performance than reachable with off-the-shelf components. Our products are innovative and made for easy system implementation providing more efficiency, lower cost and a greater value to the entire system



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